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of the Civil War

Blue and Gray Civilian Towns will be establishing a civilian only town at the Great Battle Stands
event in April of 2019. The event is being held at Pyramid State Park in southern Illinois. The land
there is beautiful without modern intrusions. Since the event is doing battles on two different dates in
two different locations (Belmont and Chickamauga) we have chosen to set up as the Missouri town
of Norfolk in mid-April of 1862. Norfolk was a small town in Mississippi county, between Cairo Il and
Belmont Mo. It was established in 1836 and had one store, one school, and a population of 50 people
in 1874. Union gunboats bombarded confederate batteries along the Norfolk shore on the Mississippi
in September of 1861.

Life in Civil War Missouri was highly dangerous. Confederate guerillas roamed the area and
persecuted anyone showing Union sympathy. The Union military tried and persecuted anyone
showing Confederate loyalty. For background information I would recommend getting a copy of "The
Homefront in Civil War Missouri" by James W. Erwin.

Blue Gray Civilian Towns attempt to establish an experience of being in a civilian area surrounded by
war. This is not a typical civil war camping experience. We welcome those new to this type of
reenacting and endeavor to aid those who have not tried this sort of reenacting. We are accountable
to each other in maintaining an 1860’s atmosphere in surroundings, dress, speech, and behavior.
Please read all the standards before you apply.

A. The Town will open for set up on Thursday morning, April 11, 2019. The Town will close to ALL
vehicle traffic at 6:00 pm Thursday April 11. Vehicles may park at the edge of town on Friday, but may
not be allowed into the main town area.  There is a mandatory Town Meeting at 7:00 pm Thursday
April 11 if you are there, and an additional meeting at 7:00 pm on Friday. No vehicles will be allowed
in Town under any circumstance until after the battle and/or final ceremony on Sunday. Do not bring
your vehicle into Town before the event is over. If an emergency arises, contact the Mayor or a Town
Constable. You will be instructed to pack all you gear for hand transport to a designated area outside
of theTown boundaries. You will need to be prepared to pack compactly and efficiently. Reenactor
parking is not very far from the town.

B. Street layouts will be in place when you arrive. Camping location assignments will be made by the
Mayor, based upon your stated tent ‘footprint’ with ropes. Please measure carefully, and include all
your tentage, including fly ropes when requesting space Due to tight space you will be assigned a
place as you arrive. There will be no saving a space for someone next to you. If you need to camp
next to each other please arrive at the same time. The “street” will be wide enough to accommodate
vehicle unloading. Please unload your car/truck within 30 minutes and go to reenactor parking. Then
come set up your tent. Shared fire areas will be marked and designated. Do not dig or make a fire in
your tent area or in the street. Individual period braziers utilizing wood or hardwood lump charcoal
are encouraged and may be used with proper safety measures in your own tent area.

C. We will have a centrally located Town Square. This will be the center of activity for the Town. Town
Meeting will be held in this area. The Square will also be the focal point for any engagement with
Military Authorities. Church services, Town socials and other gatherings will be held there. There may
or may not be a fly. The Town Mayor will establish an alarm sound to summon you for gatherings.
This may be a bell or watchman’s rattle. When you hear it, you need to come. This system will also be
used to issue weather alerts.

D. Civilian Weapons will be allowed on a case-by-case basis, inspected and approved by the Mayor
John Masciale or his designee. Occupying military may confiscate weapons when seen, so there will
not be a lot of chances to fire them. Please apply for firearms approval before the event as a part of
your impression application. Firearms will be inspected daily.

E. The Town will be a Civilian-Only Town. All reenactors must be in period Civilian clothes when out
of their tents throughout the weekend. This includes when spectators have left. Please, no
sweatsuits, jeans, etc. outside of the tents. Military uniforms will be on occupying forces, not Citizens.
This includes at night. No children in uniforms.

F. The Town will be part of Military scenarios during the reenactment. As such, there may be military
incursions into the Town area. Military commanders will be apprised that tents with closed flaps will
be off limits to searches. If your tent is open it may be subject to inspection by military authorities. If
your tent is open, its visible contents must be period correct. Various planned scenarios may
interrupt the normal flow of your day. There may be times when you are unable to leave or enter the

G. The Town may be under military control at varying times of the reenactment. Anyone in Military
uniform of the non-occupying force will be subject to arrest by the occupying Provost. The Mayor
may be given arrest power by the Provost as well.  

H. We are a Progressive Town with standards that we all have agreed to meet. We all wish to
experience as much of the period as possible given the limitations of a Tent Town. Please be
considerate of your neighbors. At no time will generators or ‘noise producers’ be allowed. No
electronic games. Silence all cell phones. The Mayor will establish a “Town Limits’ and any phone
conversations must be taken outside those the Town limits . We highly encourage sunscreen, insect
repellent, and any medicine and medical devices and medical equipment that you need. We will be
glad to discuss adapting medical devices to aid in maintaining a period appearance outside your
tent. Due to uneven soft ground, some modern medical equipment may not be safe for you to use.

I. The Town will not have individual fires. Fires will be laid out in designated locations. That means 4
to 6 families will need to share. Each family should provide one red ‘fire bucket’, to be filled with water
or sand, and placed by the community pit. Those bringing stoves should state that when submitting
their tent layout, so that we can position them accordingly. You will be given instructions to aid in site
cleanup including where to return unused firewood.  

J. No pets are allowed at this event.
K. No Participants under the age of 18 may be in the Town without a Parent or Guardian present.
L . Civilians camping in other areas of the event are welcome to visit during spectator hours. There
may be active Town scenarios occurring throughout the day that require all those present to take
direct orders from Town Authorities.

M. All military visitors to town must have a pass from their commanding officers or from the mayor.  

N. Water may be an issue at this event. We recommend that each tent bring at least 5 gallons of water.
Modern containers will have to be hidden in the tent.

O. We encourage Town members to utilize period food, period receipts, and period food storage and
preservation methods. For those who require a modern cooler in order to meet their needs, these
must be kept inside the tent. A canvas or burlap bag is required to conceal plastic bags of ice being
transported during the event