of the Civil War
APRIL 11 - 14, 2019
Pyramid State Park - Pinckneyville, Illinois

*Late fee for Walk-Ons*

FEDERAL COMMANDER - General Terry Crowder


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Water, Firewood and Portojohn's will be supplied.
SEPT.11-14, 2019

The Battle of Belmont was chosen due to the fact that it was the only major battle that carried over
into Illinois during the war, Secondly, A great number of men from the Central and Southern Illinois
area were the ones engaged in the battle.

Alexander and Reed Bridge were chosen due to the lay of the land and the opportunity to allow
actions from the mid war as well.

The NON SCRIPTED tactical battles will be very generic in order to give each unit commander the
opportunity to exercise their ability to command in battle circumstances as we did at Twin Rivers
and a few other tactical type actions over the 150th cycle.

It is the desire of the CS and US Command that each and every soldier arrive as early as possible
this date.  We have all been complacent with doing the local small events and living histories.  They
are terrific and serve a great purpose. It is now time for you to take hold of our hobby and come back
with enthusiasm and excitement.
This site is PRISTINE and will give everyone what they chose to do. From Main camps of beautiful
and clean surroundings to living as campaigners in a separate and useable camp or you’re
choosing, to the authentic civilian town as well as mixed military camps. The site is centrally located
so it will reduce the drive times for the vast majority of our folks.
We are preparing an event based on our findings from the TWIN RIVERS, AND SHILOH 150TH BGA

For those who were fortunate enough to attend, we have found from years of conversations and
various polls that these were the two most exciting and realistic events of the past several years.
The actions and engagements were the most memorable and fantastic fights we have enjoyed. It
gave each person attending the opportunity to experience the feel of what we strive to bring on the
field at each event and the chance for the men to actually COMMAND their own men in a manner and
surroundings of realism.
Saying all this, we wish to convey the hope that we see for each attending, so STEP UP FOLKS, put
your BIG BOY PANTS on and come join us in the “fight til you puke”event that may be the last for
some time.

Registration will be open Thursday at noon.  This site has one road (hard) into the site and is gated. It
will close at midnight so please arrive before midnight. If you cannot, you will need a phone number
to contact us to let you in.  A list of numbers will be published for you to contact. Please, one time in
the last several years we ask you to arrive a day earlier than normal to provide this great experience
It is suggested that each participant bring 500 rounds. We will deliver your extra ammo in wagons in
the fields along with water.  Please place your extra rounds in a water proof container /box with your
name on it. Please bring additional rations for your night in the field as well as breakfast for the
We will march out of camp on Thursday evening at about 6:30 pm and you will be open for
engagements at any time and any place.  If you arrive late, we will form in groups of “reinforcements
“ to catch up with the main forces. You will be led by couriers and scouts or perhaps wagons.
Skirmishes will continue through the evening with a cease fire at midnight for the safety of all. They
will resume after 7:00 AM Friday and will gradually make its way back to the main battle field where
we will end in front of the school children between both the camps, arriving at approx. 9:30 am.

Please see the following event schedule for the remainder of the times and information.
Thank you for your cooperation and we certainly look forward to seeing each and every one of you.